Gaming Kiosk/720-G

ASAI and Diebold team-up to bring you the next generation of full Cash Access Gaming Kiosks. The 720-G is the ultimate tool to keep casino guests in touch with their cash.

The 720-G Features:
  • ATM, Ticket Redemption, Cash Advance
  • Bill Breaking & Onboard Check Cashing
  • Unparalleled Redemption & Dispensing Capacity
  • The Latest in Fraud Prevention & Security
  • Over 4,000 Serv ice Technicians Nationwide

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Bank Builder Express

ASAI & Diebold-Nixdorf team up again to bring you another significant innovation in cash access products for Casinos. Bank Builder Express combines the power and dependability of Diebold-Nixdorf’s 6000 series Recycler line and C1010 Coin Dispenser with ASAI’s versatile and easy-to-use bank building software. The result is the most affordable and reliable automated bank and cashier till building solution on the market today.

  • Preprogram multiple bank/till configurations and denomination mixes by job type or specific employee
  • Dispense directly to employee at the touch of a button
  • Automated end-of-shift count out with a dump-and-go solution
  • Full balancing and cash monitoring reporting onboard

ASAI's Bank Builder Express drastically reduces labor costs by automating both ends of the till-building process. Bank building, Employee Disbursement and End-of-Shift Count Outs are completed in a matter of moments, giving the Bank Builder Express one of the most significant ROI rates of any of our cash access products.

  • Greatly reduce labor costs by automating the entire Employee Bank Cycle
  • Significantly increase accuracy and loss prevention
  • Manage detailed cash inventories and balancing fast than ever before
  • Optimizes security and compliance for your property

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CashStream® Kiosk

ASAI has always prided itself in being at the forefront of technology and innovation and the latest example fo that is the CashStream Kiosk. Combining Diebold’s award-winning automation engineering and ASAI’s latest CashStream software, this Casino kiosk will revolutionize the way your guests do business.

CashStream Features:
  • Multiple Ticket Redemption
  • Full-Function ATM Processing
  • Credit Card Cash Advance
  • POS Debit Advance
  • Customizable Bill Breaking
  • Check Cashing
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Operation System
  • Ticket Printer
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • NFC Reader

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CashStream® System

Combining an intuitive, “cashier-friendly” Cage application, custom kiosk/ATM software and reliable transaction processing, the CashStream System will give your casino everything you need to maximize your cash advance revenues.

CashStream Features:
  • Full Credit Card & POS Debit Cash Advance Processing
  • Fast & Accurate Daily Settlements (ACH Option Available)
  • Premium Voice Authorization & 24 Hour Support
  • Comprehensive & Customizable Reporting
  • PCI Compliant

Gaming Services

Automated Systems America Inc. is a "Full-Service" ATM and Cash Access Solutions company. With nearly two decades of experience crafting these solutions, ASAI has become one of the most trusted and dependable names in the gaming industry. With over 4,500 ATMs across the country, ASAI is one of the largest bank-sponsored ATM processors in the United States.

Some of the solutions offered by ASAI include:
  • Specialized All-In-One ATM Processing
  • Integrated Check Cashing Solution
  • 24 Hour Customer Service
  • Full-Function Ticket Redemption – with ATM & Cash Advance
  • Cash Advance Platform
  • Customizable Back Office Reporting
  • Jackpot Dispensing
  • Title 31/AML Software

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Guardian Pro
AML/Title 31 Compliance Module

ASAI Guardian Pro Title 31 Software Suite gives your property the powerful, yet easy-to-use tools you need to meet your AML/Title 31 regulatory compliance requirements. Guardian Pro's simple, web-based interface allows you to:

  • Effectively Track and Aggregate Real Time Cash Transactions in Your Pits and Cages
  • Utilize Built-in MIL for Logging and Tracking Monetary Instruments
  • Enhance and Audit CTR/SAR Reporting Processes to Ensure Filings Are On Time and Error Free
  • Operate as a Stand-alone Product or Integrate with ASAI Cage and Floor Touchpoints to Create Broader-Spectrum MIL/MTL Data
  • Integrate and Customize Cashier Threshold Alerting

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Jackpot Pro

ASAI's Jackpot Pro is the fast and efficient way to expedite the jackpot dispensing experience for your Casino's patrons. You can rest easy knowing your money is secure, and transactions will run smoothly without errors. Jackpot Pro utilizes the user-friendly Diebold 220 Express Cash Dispenser and has the ability to:

  • Dispense Jackpots Quickly
  • Provide Detailed Cashier Reporting
  • Remotely Monitor Your Cash/Supply
  • Reduce Variations And Miscounts
  • Keep Funds Safe Inside An ECO High-Level Safe

Using Jackpot Pro will guarantee swift transactions, all while minimizing cash losses and maintaining the focus on what's really important — the customer.

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By combining Diebold’s award winning automation engineering with ASAI’s suite of transaction and cashier software, the LiveCage system is the ultimate way to streamline and automatically dispense any cashier executed Cage operation.

With the ability to perform:
  • Detailed Chip Cashing & Management
  • Multiple Slot-System Ticket Redemption
  • Credit & Debit Cash Advance
  • Onboard Check Cashing
  • Automated Cashier Drawer Reconciliation
  • Remote Cash/Supply Monitoring

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Live Office

Managing your kiosks has never been easier with Live Office. Easily configure, manage, and monitor kiosks, generate reports, and service kiosks, all from an easy-to-use browser-based interface.

Live Office Features:
  • Real-time Kiosks Monitoring
  • Easy Kiosk Management
  • Robust Reports
  • Remote Management
  • 24 Hour Service & Support

Quick Advance

Introducing Quick Advance! A revolutionary new software package for your 720-G and CashStream kiosks. Significantly enhance your Cash Access Touchpoints to allow for Cash Advance dispensing right at the Kiosk. The Quick Advance software allows your guests to completely skip a trip to the cage to complete a Cash Advance transaction.

A Quick Advance enabled kiosk combines the Guest and Cashier portions of the Cash Advance Transaction into an easy-to-complete transaction flow that occurs entirely on the kiosk itself. From card swipe to dispense, the guest remains in one place — closer to the gaming action and out of your Cage lines.

  • Cash Advance Transactions both initiated and dispensed at the Kiosk
  • Heightened service opportunities as Guest and Cashier interact like never before
  • A single Cashier can easily service multiple guests at once
  • Drastically reduces lines at the Cage
  • Increase ROI from your kiosks with significant labor savings and enhanced Guest experience

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Quick Check

ASAI Quick Check Solutions is committed to helping casinos and gaming facilities reduce risk, improve customer service, and get their players on the floor more quickly. Your facility and players will benefit from our expertise and technology.

  • Cash checks quickly and securely so players can spend their funds onsite
  • Instant authorization/approval
  • Receive settlement within 48 hours
  • Improve player loyalty with higher payment approval and limits.
  • Increase revenue and retention with more players able to play
  • Extend brand loyalty

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Ticket Redemption

ASAI's innovative software can expand the functionality of almost any ticket redemption kiosk to incorporate full-function ATM transaction processing and Cash Advance authorization; essentially turning every TITO terminal on your floor into a full-scale financial transaction processing station.

  • ATM, Cash Advance & POS Debit Transactions
  • Integrate With Nearly Any TITO Brand
  • Easy ATM Transaction Rollover
  • Custom Branding & Design

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