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By combining Diebold’s award winning automation engineering with ASAI’s suite of transaction and cashier software, the LiveCage® system is the ultimate way to streamline and automatically dispense any cashier executed Cage operation.

With the ability to perform:
  • Detailed Chip Cashing & Management
  • Multiple Slot-System Ticket Redemption
  • Credit & Debit Cash Advance
  • Onboard Check Cashing
  • Automated Cashier Drawer Reconciliation
  • Remote Cash/Supply Monitoring

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Managing your kiosk has never been easier with LiveOffice. Easily configure, manage, monitor, generate reports, and service kiosks, all from an easy-to-use browser-based interface.

LiveOffice Features:
  • Real-time Kiosks Monitoring
  • Easy Kiosk Management
  • Robust Reports
  • Remote Management
  • 24 Hour Service & Support

Cash Vault

Most ASAI clients prefer to use thier own cash resources to load their terminals, but when that isn’t an option, ASAI has you covered. We are one of the industry leaders in providing the specialized type of funding that casinos need to keep their ATM portfolio pumping cash to the floor. Combining multiple funding sources, advanced state-of-the-art cash tracking software, brand name insurance services and service relationships with over 12 different national armored companies, ASAI’s world-class vaulting program can make loading your machines an affordable and painless experience.

  • Cash Tracking & Balance Monitoring Software
  • Multiple Funding Sources Keep Cost Of Cash Low
  • 24 Hour Service & Support

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