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  • Variety of Equipment
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 At ASAI we take the term "full service" to new levels. Our goal is to provide under one roof all of the high quality products and services an ATM owner needs to succeed. From 24 hour technical assistance to complex billing and financial services, ASAI has a highly specialized department to assist you.


Cash Vaulting

ASAI specializes in providing funds and armored car services for loading almost any ATM in the country. Thanks to a strong relationship with Wilmington Savings Fund Society (WSFS Financial Corp), ASAI is capable of offering world-class cash vaulting services. WSFS Financial Corp is one of the industry leaders in this specialized type of funding. Boasting over 170 years of experience and 1.9 billion dollars in assets, WSFS is one of the oldest and most flourishing financial corporations in the country. 

  • Load almost any ATM in the country
  • Guarantee funding and service
  • Relationships with 5 different armored carrier
  • Advanced cash tracking software
  • 24/7 Support

Variety of Equipment

ASAI has partnered with some of the best in the industry when it comes to ATM equipment, service & repair. Having over 15 years of ATM experience allows us to craft services & solutions for many manufacturers, and provide the most knowledgeable support.

  • Diebold 720-G Ticket Redemption and ATM Kiosk
  • Diebold 220 ECD for Cage Operations
  • Diebold Authorized Dealer
  • Hyosung, Genmega & Triton ATMS
  • All ATM Parts
  • EMV Upgrade Kits
  • Wireless &  Web Modems

Affiliate/ISO Marketing

Nothing is more important to us than a happy affiliate, and a happy affiliate customer. We understand your customers are looking for best-in-class reliability, up-time, and support. Nothing is more important to us than a happy affiliate, and a happy affiliate customer. Because of this, we offer advanced tools to help you be more effective, dedicated support teams, and a competitive arrangement. If you're interested in joining our ISO program, call us: 1-877-500-0002, we would love to talk.


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