DataStream Completes Migration to Cloud-Based Processing

DataStream, Inc. a long-established ATM transaction processor for the retail and gaming industries, announced today that it has successfully completed a full-scale migration of its processing platform to an enterprise rated, cloud-based environment. The announcement comes on the heels of a 6-month conversion process encompassing the company’s core IT systems, databases and applications.

The transition to the cloud-based solution holds many strategic advantages for DataStream, which intends to benefit greatly from the increased security, redundancy, processing power and scalability of the new environment. DataStream’s investment in the new infrastructure is also expected to yield tangible returns for clients and end-users as well. Increased up-time, improved transaction processing speeds and enhanced security of cardholder data will place the Glendale, CA based processing company in equal status with some of the world’s largest processors and most secure companies.

"This truly means we now have the best datacenter technologies available today at our fingertips," said Jose Caballero, ASAI’s Director of IT. "Not having to manage aging hardware, dynamically changing physical security protocols and communication connections is reason enough for the move, but when you factor in the six 9’s (99.999%) of uptime, it’s an ideal environment to continue to grow our business in".

Chief among the advantages of Cloud-based processing is the multiple layers of redundancy available. Not only does this encompass hardware and IT redundancy but also communication and connectivity redundancy as well. If West Coast communication systems are impacted for any reason, the Cloud has the ability to automatically redirect DataStream’s connectivity to over 33 other geographical regions. Each region supporting their own unique communication infrastructure.

DataStream's migration to the Cloud is a significant milestone for the transaction processor, who anticipates the move will provide both immediate product enhancement as well as a solid foundation for the company’s future growth.

About DataStream, Inc
DataStream is a full-service ATM processing company specializing in the needs of the gaming and white label ATM industries. Its innovative, boutique approach to incorporating customizable processing programs and applications for ISO clients, has branded DataStream an industry leader. DataStream’s PCI certified processing platform supports transactions from all major ATM manufacturers over all major communication protocols. Through strategic alliances with Diebold, WorldPay, Elan and US Bank, DataStream provides clients all the processing tools to keep cash flowing. Additional information about DataStream products and services is available at or follow them on Facebook:!/pages/ASAI/108077192585780

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