ASAI Launches Innovative Quick Advance - Cashier Assisted Kiosk System

Automated Systems America, Inc. (ASAI) a long-established payment processor specializing in “Cash Access” products for the gaming industry, announced today that it has officially launched its pioneering Quick Advance™- Cashier Assisted Kiosk System. ASAI’s latest entry to their suite of Cash Access products was unveiled at Pala Casino Spa & Resort on Friday. The Quick Advance™ Kiosk System allows guests of the casino to fully complete and dispense Credit, Debit and Check Cashing Advances without having to wait in line for a Cage Cashier.

The Quick Advance™ Kiosk System combines the Guest and Cashier portions of Cash Advance transactions into an easy-to-complete transaction flow that occurs entirely on the kiosk itself. From card swipe to dispense, the guest remains in one place — closer to the gaming action and out of the Cage lines. The Quick Advance™ System allows for deeper and more dimensional guest service relationships, while at the same time significantly reducing labor costs. The Pala Casino implementation allows one cashier to operate three Quick Advance™ enabled kiosks and has allowed the property to permanently close four Cage Cashier windows.

“This is the first time since Ticketing Kiosks were introduced 15 years ago that a new kiosk will actually eliminate labor while increasing service,” said Brian Roe, Director of Cage and Credit Operations at Pala Casino Spa and Resort. “The bottom line in labor savings and the service opportunities this product creates have provided us the freedom to rethink the Cage entirely. Congratulations to ASAI for developing this exciting product.”

Pala’s addition of the Quick Advance™- Cashier Assisted Kiosk System to their floor, marks the final touch on a yearlong corporate project to reduce labor, provide efficiencies and increase guest services through Cage and Slot. Earlier in 2018, ASAI’s Live Cage™ Currency Dispensers and Jackpot Pro™ Kiosks were installed in every Cage window and Employee Service location, in an effort to help Pala accomplish the labor reduction and service goals within that project.

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